Airpull is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) for professional as well as recreational pilots. We are certified by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, according to the European Flight Crew Licensing Regulation known as FCL.

We have been dedicated to flight crew training for over a decade now, since 2004 to be more precise, when we started training private pilots. Gradually gaining the required quality and confidence that have permitted us to become one of the leading professional flight schools in Europe, since we are the only one in Spain that owns two aerodromes, Requena in Valencia and Garray in Soria. This allows us an operability that no other training center can offer at the moment. Our great advantage is that everything is managed by one single company, ours, which allows us to intertwine each and every one of the pieces to make everything work like clockwork, with the sole purpose of training pilots with the utmost safety, quality and quantity of operations in the least possible time, because at Airpull we are capable ofcarrying out our Airline Transport Pilot Program in 15 months.

Besides all this, at Airpull Aviation we have an on-site certified EASA PART 145 maintenance center at our hangars at Requena aerodrome, capable of handling the daily routine maintenance of our fleet as well as taking care of any unforeseen event that could arise due to the operation thereof.

Our courses are designed for students and pilots of surrounding countries, who are looking for quality training at a price that is aligned with the provided training, which certainly is very competitive in comparison to the rest of Europe. All this in record time, due to our ample operability and unbeatable weather conditions here at our location at the Spanish Eastcoast.

Our integrated training program, designed for foreign and Spanish students alike, has nearby accommodation as well as staff dedicated specially to integrate the students in the school setting and in case of foreign students, the Spanish language and customs. At Airpull Aviation Academy we carry out two integrated courses a year, one starting between March and April and the other between September and October. Here you start from scratch to obtain a CPL(A) license, a “frozen” ATPL(A) and the ratings SEP(land) MEP(land) and IR(A) which together with the MCC (also included) will allow you to work for any airline. And all this in only 15 months due to our ample fleet of aircraft, our two own aerodromes available for training and theunbeatable weather that the Spanish west coast offers.