Future flying license system in Europe

In relation to the future system of flying licenses for pilots in Europe, we have interviewed our flight school instruction chief, and this is what we have been told:(Q) We know that there are major changes ahead coming from Europe in relation to licensing of flight crews. Which are the most important changes that a private airplane pilot can expect?
(A) Next April 2012 it enter into force with the new rules licensing flight staff. For the private pilots who own a license JAR-FCL (blue band), will be no problem because the validation will be a mere bureaucratic procedure, while those possessing a national license (red stripe) will have to meet a series of requirements more demanding as theoretical evidence and flight.There are otherwise no major changes with new European regulations in general, only thing is that a new pilot for light aircraft (LAPL) license, and some new allotments, as for example banner dragging, that will only affect the commercial pilots will appear.(Q) And what are the changes and challenges that face training centres?
(A) Should be updated and comply with the regulations within given until April 2013 to become ATO centres, that is how it will be renamed the training schools.(Q) What impact can have onspanish flight training centres?
(A) If they do not comply with what was previously explained they will disappear, i.e. will not continue providing training.

(Q) How faces up in your opinion Airpull Aviation company and its flight school this new scene?
(A) Airpull Aviation Training Center is working to meet this new regulation and we think that for the continuity of general aviation nowadays will be very useful moving to airfields where flight operation is more cost-effective and accessible.
With this aim, Airpull Aviation company has relocated its training at the Requena Aerodrom (LERE) where is operating since December of 2011.

(Q) Thank you for the clarification.
(A) You are welcome. I hope it is useful. Best regards.

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